An Old Money Conversation

Recent conversation with an OMG about another. No friendship was going to happen, and the reason was stated with typical Old Money candor: “So you met him?” “I did.” “What did you think?” “I don’t get the impression he does anything.” “I think he’s just clipping coupons right now.” “Yeah, and I don’t like that. … More An Old Money Conversation

The Random Routine

An acquaintance from Boston was visiting Paris last week. We had lunch at a crowded cafe, ironically populated with a number of Americans, and got to know each other better. He’d read The Old Money Book and The Old Money Guide To Marriage and shared his thoughts about the two.¬†We discussed traditional values and the … More The Random Routine

Old Money: In Their Own Words

Hello, Byron. I read your post on school uniforms. I want to contribute my thoughts on the subject, as I think it’s an important issue in the country right now. I’ll be vague with my recollections because it would be easy for somebody to put a couple of details together and know where I went … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Old Money Value: Privacy

In the digital age, privacy is a priority. We have legitimate concerns about our privacy online, the security and privacy of our financial records and accounts, and how much Big Brother knows about us. There are precautions we can take on these issues, and most of us try to be diligent. A privacy safeguard that … More Old Money Value: Privacy