A Source of Inspiration: Oscar Wilde

Where stories for screenplays, ideas for books, or lyrics for songs come from is a mystery. Like asking a butterfly to land on your shoulder, creativity is not something that can be ordered like room service. What the world calls genius–the original, unfiltered, simple yet awesome light that shines so undeniably in rare works–comes when … More A Source of Inspiration: Oscar Wilde

You Say You Want A Revolution…

Ever the student of history, I’ve kept my ear to the ground over the past few years and especially the past few months. I’ve watched bizarre events unfold in the United States and around the world…and I’m not even talking about the pandemic. I hear talk of a second civil war in America. I see … More You Say You Want A Revolution…

The Old Money Wardrobe: Review and Rate The Classics

Last week, I decided to search for a new double-breasted blue blazer. The one I had owned in the states years ago did not make cut when it came time to relocate: it had seen years of use (abuse?) and we were traveling light. My single-breasted version would suffice. And, at any rate, I could … More The Old Money Wardrobe: Review and Rate The Classics

Random Updates from Paris

It’s been a busy few weeks for me personally. More on that later. Here’s an update from the French capital… Restrictions remain in force here in Paris as COVID rates continue to worry public health officials. The less-severe Omicron variant still strains hospital facilities and staff, but not at crisis levels. Only vaccinated citizens and … More Random Updates from Paris

The 3 Way Street

There are 3 fundamentals that I believe frequently contribute to being successful in life. Of course, how we define and quantify ‘success’ is an individual endeavor, and sometimes difficult to ascertain. Nevertheless, these 3 things consistently contribute to fulfillment. They are: To master your craft. Regardless of the profession we choose or goal we set, … More The 3 Way Street

30 Minutes Every 30 Days

Here’s an exercise you might try in order to improve the quality of your life. This practice started, evolved, and has been refined by me during my time here in Paris. It’s possible I see some of my fellow citizens doing something of this sort on a regular basis: cafes lend themselves perfectly to the … More 30 Minutes Every 30 Days