Deleted Scenes: Edits From The Next Book

As some of you know, I’m currently working on the next Old Money title, tentatively christened “Old Money, New Woman”. As we wrap up the editing process, we’ll be speaking with book publicists, cover designers, influencers, agents, and publishers to get as much traction and exposure when the new book hits the marketplace. If any … More Deleted Scenes: Edits From The Next Book

Triumph, Indeed

Mint condition Triumph convertible. Make and model unknown. Parked in front of the Ralph Lauren boutique, 173 Blvd Saint-Germain, Paris. On this day, rain threatened. Time to garage the classic coupe until spring. I almost felt sad for the owner. Almost. Still, the car was a beauty. A Triumph, indeed.   BGT

Old Money Attribute: The Work Ethic

We talk a lot on this blog about how to dress and how to behave. Traditional, discreet clothing and manners are two of our big talking points, and I’m delighted by the enthusiastic support our readers give to these topics. However, I’ve received a couple of emails recently from well-intentioned young people who are asking … More Old Money Attribute: The Work Ethic

Old Money and Online Dating

Recently, I enjoyed a lively conversation with JL, one of our readers. He mentioned an article in the Economist magazine that he was reading about online dating. As it turns out–and contrary to everything I would have ever thought to be true–according to the article, people who meet online and begin to date are 30% … More Old Money and Online Dating

Dispatches from Paris

It’s been an eventful few weeks here in Paris, so I thought I’d indulge in a Parisian recap of sorts. 1. As many of you are aware, France won the World Cup. Soccer (football) fans around the city were glued to cafe televisions during the process, with crowds spilling onto sidewalks and streets when the … More Dispatches from Paris

Books: Weapons of Math Destruction

On this blog, we usually focus on what we can do on a daily and personal basis to improve our overall quality of life and financial well being, using the culture of Old Money as a guide. Every once in a while, I feel it necessary to address things outside our own sphere of influence … More Books: Weapons of Math Destruction