When Will You Pay the Price?

Unless we’re born into very fortunate circumstances and manage to make great decisions at every phase of our lives and manage, let’s face it, to be incredibly just plain lucky, we’re going to have to make some sacrifices at some point. These can be choices about education, career, family, health, but there’s one thing that’s … More When Will You Pay the Price?

Old Money Essential: Allen Edmonds Shoes

As you know, I’m very reluctant to promote consumer products on this blog. Old Money is about being, not buying. Still, when a product exhibits value, classic design, and enduring quality, it warrants consideration and notice. Allen Edmonds, established in Belgium, Wisconsin, almost 100 years ago, is a great example of an Old Money essential. … More Old Money Essential: Allen Edmonds Shoes

The Courage to Change

Margaret Mitchell was an OMG (Old Money Gal), born into a prominent family and blessed with a privileged life as a child. Acting in plays, riding horses, and writing short stories, she expressed her individuality and independent nature a at a young age. Her proper parents cringed at her style of dress and occasional outlandish … More The Courage to Change