Fresh Set of Eyes on Paris…from Karl

Bonjour, everyone. Karl was kind enough to post a very detailed comment about his recent trip to Paris. I wanted to make sure that everyone saw it, so I’ve done a cut and paste. It appears below in italics. So enjoy. My thoughts…I think Karl has a great approach to European vacations: pick one city … More Fresh Set of Eyes on Paris…from Karl

Hidden Gem of France: Chantilly

It’s a given that the biggest, most popular, and most iconic places of any country become the ‘go to’ or ‘must see’ destinations that attract the most visitors. Their reputation builds upon itself. Cities, like Paris, become legends, and deservedly so. But we have to acknowledge the hidden gems, the places that don’t get all … More Hidden Gem of France: Chantilly

An Inspirational Toast

Sharing a drink with a close friend recently, I was touched by a simple but inspiring toast. The hypothetical situation had been proposed that, at some point in time in the future, my wife and I might decide to become French citizens and reside in Paris permanently. While I continue to ‘identify’ strongly as an … More An Inspirational Toast

Paris…For Parisians

When you arrive in a new city, especially one as unique and international as Paris, you become hypersensitive to your surroundings. At least I have. Paris is ‘foreign’ to me, in the sense that the natives do not speak English as their first language, and some of their customs and habits are unique. Unique not … More Paris…For Parisians

Go Day

At a cafe in the gold-plated first arrondissement, the expatriate writer perched at the corner of the cafe counter. At a right angle from him sat the Parisian. The Parisian and the expatriate had always nodded, but, not unusual for cafe life, had never introduced themselves. The Parisian always looked like he’d slept in his … More Go Day

Paris Doesn’t Need The Sun Today

Paris doesn’t need the sun today as traffic inches beneath a sky, slate grey, and ducks silently convene on the Seine, dark green, and pedestrians jog and stride along the quai. Paris doesn’t need the sun today it’s golden warmth–un┬ápeu┬áchiche; No, it’s a moody mood just above a brood that holds the city in it’s … More Paris Doesn’t Need The Sun Today

Johnny Hallyday…And Celebrity

One of our frequent contributors, Shaan, asked me to comment about the current celebrity culture that seems to be pervasive in American society right now. It’s an interesting topic, especially in light of the passing of France’s most well-known singer, Johnny Hallyday, who died yesterday. Watching from a distance here in Paris, America’s obsession with … More Johnny Hallyday…And Celebrity