The Aristocrat’s Role

“To be an aristocrat is to be completely fearless. Not reckless, not self-destructive. You must face what comes. Address things as they are. Live life as you find it and make it what you want.” “Know your place. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, a ‘friend of the common man’. I’m not a friend … More The Aristocrat’s Role

Message in a Buckle

The nonverbal communications embedded in French culture are a never-ending source of fascination for me here in Paris. Because I’m not fluent enough in French to catch certain subtle, revealing turns of phrase, I miss that part of the ‘delivery’ that might carry double entendres or hidden gems of humor in conversation. I do, however, … More Message in a Buckle

Conversation with the Aristocrat

It’s been a busy few weeks with work on (and delays with) the new book, interest in our film and television projects from London, and an unexpectedly ramped up social calendar. Last week, the socializing whirlwind found me sitting next to a young French aristocrat. He was perfectly polite and casually dressed. Open, informed, and … More Conversation with the Aristocrat