Your Christmas Gift This Year

It may be like spitting on a forest fire this holiday season to avoid the consumer/gift/holiday shopping traps that marketing and social expectations heap on us. All I can say about this is to be aware of the persuasive impact of advertising, be reasonable in your gift purchases, and make sure to buttress the consumerism … More Your Christmas Gift This Year

The Hindu Way To Wealth – A Recent Conversation

I recently had a conversation with my anonymous friend “Mahesh”. We collaborated on the book “The Hindu Way To Wealth“, in which I spoke with him about the fundamentals and philosophy of his culture’s perspective on wealth. He’s made a lot of money, and seems to do exactly the opposite of what I recommend in … More The Hindu Way To Wealth – A Recent Conversation

The Random Routine

An acquaintance from Boston was visiting Paris last week. We had lunch at a crowded cafe, ironically populated with a number of Americans, and got to know each other better. He’d read The Old Money Book and The Old Money Guide To Marriage and shared his thoughts about the two.¬†We discussed traditional values and the … More The Random Routine