Old Money: In Their Own Words

Happy to contribute. Not quite sure my opinions will conform. Good on you with the money management. Spending’s a necessary evil. A dead end road if you think it’s taking you somewhere. Speed on if you like. Destination won’t change. Run out of money. Get bored. Worst of all: become boring. Haven’t thought about money … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

A Small Thought for the New Year

Perhaps the best way for us to call attention to ourselves is not through our attire, not through the car we drive, or the house we live in, but through the quality of our work, the depth and scope of our education, the integrity of our choices, and the nuance of our opinions. So much … More A Small Thought for the New Year

The Work Ethic

A key element to the Old Money philosophy is the work ethic. ┬áMany people think that Old Money descendants don’t work hard. It’s true, some loaf. Some don’t work at all, but they aren’t happy. Most children in affluent families work hard. It’s expected. And it’s essential for happiness. You see, real happiness requires purpose. … More The Work Ethic