Parenting the Parents

A recent round of ‘reply all’ emails among classmates of mine brought up a common issue: how to handle financial issues with aging parents. A couple of classmates who make up my ‘crew’ from 40-plus years ago in school are now are now addressing the inevitable and unenviable task of managing their parents money. The … More Parenting the Parents

Old Money Children: The Conversations

Readers of this blog have mentioned more than a few times that they’d like to know more about issues that relate to Old Money culture and raising children, specifically how and when to talk to them about money. I’ll put myself immediately in the position of Armchair Quarterback here: my wife and I don’t have … More Old Money Children: The Conversations

Second Opinion: The Financial Windfall

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a few emails from friends and readers of the blog about how to handle a financial windfall. A few were simply curious. A couple were actually facing the situation and needed grounded and impartial advice. In The Old Money Book, I proposed, after an initial consultation wth a … More Second Opinion: The Financial Windfall

It’s All About Choices – Part 2

A very small percentage of people who have come to America over the past 200 plus years hit the shore with a substantial amount of money in hand. If it was good back home, why leave for the unknown? No, most of our ancestors came over because things were bad in the homeland. A strong … More It’s All About Choices – Part 2