Old Money: Travel Attire

It was mentioned in a comment from Jean-Louis (merci, monsieur) in August that it might be a good idea to address travel attire. I had posted (and received so many great contributions from our readers) on the Back To School Wardrobe for Old Money Guys and Gals, but I’d never thought to write about what to … More Old Money: Travel Attire

Back To School: The Old Money Gal’s Wardrobe

Jane, one of our beloved contributors in the Comments section of this blog, was kind enough to offer her thoughts on The Old Money Gal’s Back To School Wardrobe. Never a purchaser of women’s clothes (for myself or others) I nevertheless found her suggestions right on target. So, thank you, Jane, very much. Here we … More Back To School: The Old Money Gal’s Wardrobe