Old Money Makes the UpJourney

I was delighted to be included in an article that appeared yesterday on UpJourney. My thoughts on “Why Life is So Hard” appear HERE. (My comments are near the end of the article.) In other news, we’re currently visiting Valencia, Spain, which is a charming city with a rich, fascinating history. On this mission, Old … More Old Money Makes the UpJourney

Old Money: The Rewards Program

  Double espresso in the library of The Cotton House Hotel, Barcelona, Spain. In a previous life, the building was the home and factory for family-owned textile company. Now a 6 story boutique luxury hotel, the first floor library still retains the original ornate, 150 year old wood carved ceiling, replete with an original fresco. … More Old Money: The Rewards Program

Cash Is King

Credit and debit cards are convenient, and dangerous, as we all know. Consumer debt is rampant. Debt consolidation companies are doing a great business. Unemployment or underemployment, paying off college tuition, it all adds up quickly, especially with the sky-high interest some credit card companies charge. What many people don’t know is that spending cash–currency … More Cash Is King