Old Money Comes Clean

I encourage people to dress simply and modestly. To moderate their expenditures. To refrain from vulgar displays. Still, sometimes I like to wear shirts (and ties) that can be seen from outer space. I don’t know why. I’m righteously conservative in so many other areas of my life…and wardrobe. I simply thought it would be … More Old Money Comes Clean

The OMG’s and Those Contrasting Collars

Per a recent comment and inquiry from Daniel, here are a few OMG’s sporting dress shirts with contrasting collars. Enjoy! The late, great Ben Bradlee, editor of The Washington Post during the Watergate era. The late journalist and novelist Dominick Dunne, who famously chronicled the O.J. Simpson trial for Vanity Fair magazine. Byron Tully, author … More The OMG’s and Those Contrasting Collars