Is Someone Co-Opting Our Culture?

We’ve spoken frequently about the importance of awareness as we adopt and maintain an Old Money way of life (I’m hesitant to use the term ‘lifestyle’ as that term seems to denote something less substantial and more surface.) One of the things we can be aware of is the way that advertisers constantly look for … More Is Someone Co-Opting Our Culture?

The Khaki Revolution

It’s a new year. We’ve all made (and perhaps broken) a few New Year’s resolutions. Oh well. The commitments we make to ourselves and stick with rarely follow a calendar. They follow emotion. We feel strongly about something and we do it. We do it not just once, but repeatedly. That behavior becomes a habit … More The Khaki Revolution

What Old Money Is All About

A young lady sent me an email the other day and told me in no uncertain terms that “life isn’t all about money”. And she is certainly correct. In The Old Money Book, I do talk about money. But the reason people are buying the book –and buying extra copies for their children and friends–is … More What Old Money Is All About

The Definition of Value

Definition Value equals price over time. Price is the cost in terms of money and energy required to obtain a particular item or experience. Time in this instance is the amount and quality of use or benefit obtained from a particular expenditure. Rule #1 Material objects have a definitive value in terms of price and … More The Definition of Value