Dispatches from Paris

It’s been an eventful few weeks here in Paris, so I thought I’d indulge in a Parisian recap of sorts. 1. As many of you are aware, France won the World Cup. Soccer (football) fans around the city were glued to cafe televisions during the process, with crowds spilling onto sidewalks and streets when the … More Dispatches from Paris

The Old Money Attribute: Independent Thinking

A couple of American OMG’s live in our neighborhood here in Paris. Every month or so, we’ll migrate to a cafe and share a coffee, huddling and communicating with the verbal shorthand and instant understanding that only fellow countrymen (and women) share. As expatriates, this camaraderie is refreshing, as we are immersed in the French … More The Old Money Attribute: Independent Thinking

The Match Game

One of my Old Money friends called from the US the other day, a little irritated. Normally an optimistic and upbeat person, I was concerned by the tone in her voice. When I asked her what was wrong, she confessed: the habit of not sending paper thank-you notes had infected her circle of Ivy League-educated … More The Match Game