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  1. Good call. All the Waspy women if my life have all been slightly pigeon-toed.

  2. Shoes. Can anyone suggest good brands of or stores that sell quality womens shoes? So, not even OMGs wear stocking anymore, that’s interesting.

  3. My input on women’s shoes, Mary, I still like LL Bean for Winter boots, house slippers, and simple leather loafers. They are affordable, shipping is free, they have generous return program, and they staff helpful people. I’m probably one of the few still wearing Birkenstocks, but I love the comfort.. And, yes, some OMG’s are still wearing stockings, although I’m likely to be found in socks with loafers in above scenario. My mother and Oma were strict enforcers in comfort of feet.. Thank goodness.

    1. Thanks, Victoria. You come from a line of wise women! Focusing on comfort lessens the chance of a dreaded foot rebellion, feet unfit for public viewing,and being forced to wear very, very unattractive orthopedic footwear to the opera. *shudder*
      Now to up the ante, where might I find shoes for narrow feet?

      Again, thanks.

    1. Hi Charlie, thank you for the question. My advice would be this: for men, a dark blue or charcoal grey suit with white dress shirt, a dark blue necktie, and chocolate brown or black lace up dress shoes. For women, I’d suggest an evening dress that falls below knee, heels (closed toe), and a coat or something to throw around the shoulders, depending on the weather. (Amy, who comments frequently and has great insights on women’s Old Money style, may have more to offer on this.)

      Hope that helps. Enjoy! – BGT

  4. Living in DC for many years, I frequented the opera and ballet twice a month. Depending on where you live, an actual long, formal gown is still appropriate (simple, elegant, not over the top) for the opera. I remember when all ladies wore long gowns and frowned on anything less. However, now I do see the younger set wearing dresses and sometimes formal pant suits.

  5. How do we feel regarding Louis Vuitton keepall luggage? Is it still appropriate if inherited vintage or has it become tainted by the nouveau? Have heard mixed thoughts on the subject.

    1. Hi Caroline…good question, as I have mixed feelings on LV myself. The brand is very popular, and I’m happy that they’re successful.

      First, regarding LV in general: I do admire the vintage Louis Vuitton purses I see with Old Money Gals who’ve probably inherited them, or purchased them decades ago. However, when a woman who’s working at a job as say, an administrative assistant, making $500.00 per week carries a $650.00 purse, it just isn’t cricket.

      Regarding the Keepall line of LV luggage: I have friends who own LV, and the products seem quite well made. The Keepall 55 carry-on seems like a perfectly functional weekend bag. The question is this: is it a part of your overall quality and style of life? Does it correlate to your educational level and income level? Or is it just a desperate, one-off attempt to impress others?

      That’s the key issue with all recognizable luxury goods. Another mixed review… Thanks again. – BGT

    2. My Mum had an older trunk that she stored Christmas decorations or some such things in and had a nice glass top made for it. Believe she saw the idea in a magazine. She had the LV trunk for donkey’s years but no longer went on cruises later in life. Her Scottish Canadian frugality mandated she repurpose it to her advantage at little or no cost.

  6. Very nice ensemble on this lovely girl, and I really admire the shoes. In response to Mary in a previous post, I find it unbelievably hard to find stylish, well-fitted women’s shoes in high quality anymore. I’m really picky, so that doesn’t help.

  7. Oh, Mary, I wish I could help in the narrow shoe arena, but I suffer from large and extra wide feet.. nary a comfortable kitten heel in my closet, alas. One thing I’ve noticed stateside, if the establishment can/desires to measure your feet for proper fit, they generally stock well made footwear. A good cobbler can aid you in getting a better fit with a stitch here or steaming and shaping.. And they can repair said shoes, purses, luggage, belts.. Our fellow is over an hour away and pushing 80. We’ll be lost when he retires.
    May I add on the notion of opera wear? My father dressed well, even if not leaving the house or working the lawn. When I was very young, while watching him shave, I mentioned to him how he really liked looking good. He smiled and replied, “No, I like letting anyone’s path I cross today, know they worth the effort.” I’m uncertain if I translated that well. My thinking: what a lovely additional payment to the artists to look out on a beautifully dressed audience. Gild the lily a bit at any performing arts.. Makes people watching more enjoyable too.

  8. Thanks for the shoe suggestions, Victoria.
    Your father hit the nail right on the head; dressing well is a tribute to others worth. You explained yourself fine. You’re right, the beauty of the lines, colors and a good fit are uplifting and soothing to the spirit. What a sacrifice to get up early to get properly groomed and dressed so that others benefit. Wow, that speaks so well of him. I’ll remember that, thank you.

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