7 thoughts on “Things We Miss

  1. I’ll also share my only life regret item with you…… I just talked about it yesterday with my cousins. It is that I did not purchase our grandparents home when our grandfather died in 1999. The person who did purchase it lived next door and tore it down to make their yard bigger. So sad to see every time I pass there.

    1. Hi Holly, yes, I can see that as leaving you with a rather raw feeling about their behavior. Lots of memories there… Thank you for sharing. – BGT

  2. My childhood home in Los Angeles which we sold for under $300k in 1994 is now worth well north of a million. Talk about regrets… ;o)

  3. I miss the enormous “Iceberg” rose bush we had at our last home. She was well over 8′ tall and lush…and friendly…and amazing….(sigh.) We were lucky to have lived with her.

  4. Hi Byron, that car is a beauty! Any thoughts about getting another one perhaps? I would imagine a car like that might hold it’s value pretty well and be nice as a weekend car. Sometime around the early 70’s I believe there was a regulation placed on auto makers that the bumpers had to be able to handle a 5 mph impact without getting any damage to them. The auto makers didn’t know how to accomplish this in an aesthetically pleasing manner right off the bat, hence the bulky and odd looking bumpers on many cars made around that era.

    1. Hi Alex. No, no car acquisitions on the horizon right now, but yes, the classics do tend to hold their value. I had forgotten about the ‘bumper’ law you referenced. It did make for some unusual looking transitions. Thanks – BGT

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