Song of a Pirate Queen

Some of you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or close friend of the family who’s contemplating what to do with her life. Or, more importantly, how to live it.

This poem may help.

Song of a Pirate Queen

Oh to be a pirate queen

on a ship upon the sea,

with adventures unknown and lands unseen—

Yes, that’s the life for me! 

With one eye upon the horizon,

and a bounty of treasure below,

I’ll chart my own course,

explore new realms, 

and decide for myself 

when and where I drop anchor or go.

With a bearing quite regal 

I’ll inquire of a seagull

any wisdom he’d care to bestow;

As the oceans’ royal dauphine, 

I’ll hold court with the dolphins

as they soar and splash to and fro.

With one hand upon my sword 

I’ll guard my vessel and my heart:

still open to friendship and passion

however they may start. 

Yet no man will capture me

without his surrender first;

For as much as I love love

without my freedom I am cursed.

With royal blood pushing through my veins 

and a full wind in my sails,

it’s a life as rich as diamonds;

it’s a joy as big as whales.

Who knows what storms may toss me

or in which battle I may fall?

I’d rather be thrown into the raging deep

than wither in some sleepy port of call. 

So as I test my mettle and own my faults—

who knows who or what I’ll be?

but first I’ll be a Pirate Queen—

Yes, that’s the life for me! 

– Byron Tully

4 thoughts on “Song of a Pirate Queen

  1. This is beautiful, Bryan.

    I have a baby daughter who turns three-months-old today.

    She’ll one day be the captain of the ship that is our family business and investments.

    I’m going to read this to her later tonight.

    1. Thank you, Mark. I’m honored. When she turns three years old, I’ll expect you to don a pirate hat, eye patch, plastic parrot on shoulder, and appropriate growl during the rendition. Lucky girl to have a dad like you. – BGT

  2. Thank you for this – it’s great! My favorite pirate queen is Grace O’Malley (that’s her Irish name anglicized). She was an inspiration to me when I was growing up. If I recall correctly, she came from old money.

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