How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman!

Just a quick note in the middle of a busy week… Thank you very much for your support of the new book, “How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman!” Sales have been brisk, and reviews are already starting to come in on Amazon. But please feel free to add your two-cents worth. Write your own … More How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman!

In Defense of Red Pants

I have a complicated relationship with Tatler magazine, the British magazine that breathlessly chronicles the latest goings-on of the royals, high society, and well-heeled wanna-be’s. On the one hand, they have published some interesting articles on how to raise children in an affluent environment, estate planning, and other more grounded subject matter. On the other … More In Defense of Red Pants

A Few Updates from Paris and Elsewhere

August is upon us here in Paris. A majority of the residents have fled for the coast, the mountains, or the countryside. Parisians who still remain–healthcare workers and those in hospitality–ask my wife and I where we’re going for vacation. When we reply that we’re staying in Paris, they look at us as if we … More A Few Updates from Paris and Elsewhere

How To Flip a Future Regret

A friend of mine here in Paris recently went through some dicey moments health-wise. I wouldn’t be so dramatic as to say that the priest had been called to the bedside to administer last rites, but the possibility of an early and unwelcome departure from this realm was definitely on the table. The shock and … More How To Flip a Future Regret

Winter Is Coming…Again

I rarely read the financial sections of newspapers, nor do I frequent online blogs about investing, the economy, and the politics that affect these parts of our world. I’m busy writing most of the time. However, I have friends who live and breath finance. They take in a steady, global diet information that often has … More Winter Is Coming…Again

A Private Conversation with…Richard Friesen

As most of our readers know, I rarely recommend products or services on the blog. Exceptions include Mercer & Sons shirts, Allen Edmonds shoes, and J Press for miscellaneous men’s clothing. The reasons for my reluctance are numerous: this blog is a sanctuary from ‘the sales pitch’. The internet allows almost anyone to find almost … More A Private Conversation with…Richard Friesen

Fresh Set of Eyes on Paris…from Karl

Bonjour, everyone. Karl was kind enough to post a very detailed comment about his recent trip to Paris. I wanted to make sure that everyone saw it, so I’ve done a cut and paste. It appears below in italics. So enjoy. My thoughts…I think Karl has a great approach to European vacations: pick one city … More Fresh Set of Eyes on Paris…from Karl

The Importance of Narrative

Life in Paris is not always bowl of cherries, but it rarely goes long without a surprise. Most of the surprises are pleasant. A few are enlightening. One of the more enlightening moments occurred recently. (I’ll be intentionally vague with details to protect the privacy of those involved.) A young person from the United States … More The Importance of Narrative