The Surprising Truth About Self Improvement

I’ll admit that sometimes I get very tired of constantly trying to improve myself, my work, and my relationships. The external issues vary. Work, marriage, health, family, friends. My internal process persists. It goes something like this…Fatigue sets in. Rationales pop up. Excuses come forward. Profanities spill out. (Usually in private and in a whisper, … More The Surprising Truth About Self Improvement

The Application Process

We recently received the comment below from one of our readers. I thought it was very interesting and very relevant. Here it is, and I’ve added some thoughts below. I happened on your site while doing some personal research on old money style and its contemporary applications, like the trendy of the concept of sprezzatura, … More The Application Process

We’re Not All Nice

I received an email the other day. The person suggested that I painted a little too rosy of a picture in regards to Old Money Guys and Gals. They pointed out that plenty of born-rich trust fund babies are obnoxious and incorrigible, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic. To which I replied, Oh, most certainly. And … More We’re Not All Nice

The Continual Fight for Privacy

One of our tribe members recently wrote to me. Her concern was privacy. Her correspondence is below. She has some really good ideas on the subject, I think, and some questions… I’d love to hear everyone’s take on increasing and maintaining privacy in this digital age. (Thank you, V., for the very kind words. I’m … More The Continual Fight for Privacy

The Price of Democracy

There are a lot of things about democracy I don’t particularly care for. For one thing, people with opinions that differ from mine are too often given a voice, a vote, and even positions of power. Subsequently, I have to live with laws I don’t particularly like and tolerate public officials I don’t particularly care … More The Price of Democracy

The Price of Education: A Question for You

Derrick recently posed a question in the comments section that I feel is worthy of a post, and insights from the tribe. He asks which might be a better investment: to send a child to private prep school, or to pay for their college education so they graduate debt free? The assumption is that, as … More The Price of Education: A Question for You

The Importance of Order

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed what seems to be an increase in the vocal and sometimes violent disruption of school board meetings, political speeches, and other organized events. These protests are sometimes well-organized by groups of activists. More often, they seem unplanned and unhinged: personal issues and unrelated frustrations boil over into the public square, … More The Importance of Order

Random Updates from Paris

It’s been a busy few weeks for me personally. More on that later. Here’s an update from the French capital… Restrictions remain in force here in Paris as COVID rates continue to worry public health officials. The less-severe Omicron variant still strains hospital facilities and staff, but not at crisis levels. Only vaccinated citizens and … More Random Updates from Paris

The 3 Way Street

There are 3 fundamentals that I believe frequently contribute to being successful in life. Of course, how we define and quantify ‘success’ is an individual endeavor, and sometimes difficult to ascertain. Nevertheless, these 3 things consistently contribute to fulfillment. They are: To master your craft. Regardless of the profession we choose or goal we set, … More The 3 Way Street