The Huffington Post Talks Old Money

Journalist Geoff Williams spoke with a entrepreneurs, psychologists, wealth managers–and me–last week about when (and how) parents should stop giving their children money. His logic in wanting to speak with me was straightforward: Old Money families obviously know something about how to handle this issue, or there wouldn’t be any money left. He had some … More The Huffington Post Talks Old Money

Keeping It Together: Old Money & Marriage

Romance is great. Passion is wonderful. Falling in love is an incredible experience. Being in love and still married ten years later is a rarity. Discussion of divorce and marital bliss, the causes and the effects, the contributing factors and the unknowable variables, are a staple of conversation among academics heavy with research, astrologers quick … More Keeping It Together: Old Money & Marriage

The Lottery Winner’s Smartest Move

This past week, a very lucky person from South Carolina won $400 million in the national lottery. Unlike his (or her) predecessors, who have offered themselves up for public consumption via press conferences and television interviews, this lucky person has revealed themselves to also be, initially at least, quite astute: they have decided to claim … More The Lottery Winner’s Smartest Move