The Lost Art of Conversation

There’s always plenty of commentary and discussion about technology’s impact on human interaction, particularly conversation. Online, I see headlines about how someone or something has ‘started the conversation’ about a particular issue. Actually, in the realm of social media, it may have started with posts, comments, photos, videos, and all manner of things going viral. … More The Lost Art of Conversation

As Old Money Ages

There are some things that, as time passes, I’ve come to learn. Here’s a short, current list: 1. Always choose an experience or opportunity over the acquisition of material things. 2. Risk is inevitable. You take them, thoughtfully or recklessly, or eventually you run the risk of being a victim of your indecision. 3. When … More As Old Money Ages

Black Friday Alternative

If you’ve followed this blog at all, or if you’ve read The Old Money Book, you know how I feel about rampant consumerism. Aside from the obvious effect of crippling many Americans financially, it’s also eroding our personal relationships. I feel that many people have substituted shopping for having real interests like reading, travel, mentoring, … More Black Friday Alternative