Friends and Money

David, one of our long-time community members and frequent finder of thought-provoking articles for this blog, sent me this story recently. I think it’s quite interesting, and I’d love to hear some experiences you’ve had with this issue. That is: how do you handle developing and maintaining friendships with people who have a very different … More Friends and Money

Old Money: In Their Own Words

In response to your question, I would say there are a few challenges. There’s a pull that comes from the responsibility. I could spend half my day answering emails from the money manager or on the phone with the house manager. Busy work. I have to stay focused on my profession while managing the duties … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

The Lost Art of Conversation

There’s always plenty of commentary and discussion about technology’s impact on human interaction, particularly conversation. Online, I see headlines about how someone or something has ‘started the conversation’ about a particular issue. Actually, in the realm of social media, it may have started with posts, comments, photos, videos, and all manner of things going viral. … More The Lost Art of Conversation

As Old Money Ages

There are some things that, as time passes, I’ve come to learn. Here’s a short, current list: 1. Always choose an experience or opportunity over the acquisition of material things. 2. Risk is inevitable. You take them, thoughtfully or recklessly, or eventually you run the risk of being a victim of your indecision. 3. When … More As Old Money Ages

Black Friday Alternative

If you’ve followed this blog at all, or if you’ve read The Old Money Book, you know how I feel about rampant consumerism. Aside from the obvious effect of crippling many Americans financially, it’s also eroding our personal relationships. I feel that many people have substituted shopping for having real interests like reading, travel, mentoring, … More Black Friday Alternative

Life is Like a Restaurant

Life is like a restaurant. When you arrive, the place is already up and running under written regulations and unwritten rules that you may never know and that are unlikely to ever change. You enter and are probably treated as politely as you treat those who run the place. You are judged to a certain … More Life is Like a Restaurant