Recommendations Update: The Rolex Dilemma

My apologies for the gap in posting. A series of out-of-town guests, numerous work projects, and a short trip to Nantes have interrupted the usual workflow. Our foreign correspondent David was in Paris recently. We had a coffee at the cafe across the street from my office and discussed all manner of things: solutions to … More Recommendations Update: The Rolex Dilemma

The Hidden Irony Within The Old Money Life

At first glance, it’s easy for the casual passerby to label the Old Money way of life as ‘conservative’, in the financial and behavioral sense, and maybe half the time in the political sense, and ‘traditional’, in the sense of having long-held rituals and rules that rarely change, and change slowly if they do. The … More The Hidden Irony Within The Old Money Life

The Wristwatch Dilemma – An Updated Discussion

Stephan asked a question in the comments section a couple of weeks ago. I made a note to myself to respond and neglected to do so. My apologies, Stephan, and thank you for reminding me. Here’s Stephan’s question: Hi Byron, I have read the old money book recently and really appreciate it. I especially liked … More The Wristwatch Dilemma – An Updated Discussion

Old Money Style – An Update

In response to a couple of emails that I’ve received lately, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Old Money wardrobe, as it continues to be a topic that interests people. (Good.) That’s completely understandable, as the way people dress may be the most visible and obvious expression of their identity, … More Old Money Style – An Update

How To Act Like Old Money

According to my nephews and nieces in the states, this question is a popular one online. So I’ll offer an answer. Fair warning…it may not be what most people expect, as I’m not going to hold forth on oxford cloth button down shirts, penny loafers, or Volvo station wagons. These things are symptomatic of an … More How To Act Like Old Money

The Old Money Wardrobe: Review and Rate The Classics

Last week, I decided to search for a new double-breasted blue blazer. The one I had owned in the states years ago did not make cut when it came time to relocate: it had seen years of use (abuse?) and we were traveling light. My single-breasted version would suffice. And, at any rate, I could … More The Old Money Wardrobe: Review and Rate The Classics

Random Updates from Paris

It’s been a busy few weeks for me personally. More on that later. Here’s an update from the French capital… Restrictions remain in force here in Paris as COVID rates continue to worry public health officials. The less-severe Omicron variant still strains hospital facilities and staff, but not at crisis levels. Only vaccinated citizens and … More Random Updates from Paris

Old Money: In Their Own Words

Happy to contribute. Not quite sure my opinions will conform. Good on you with the money management. Spending’s a necessary evil. A dead end road if you think it’s taking you somewhere. Speed on if you like. Destination won’t change. Run out of money. Get bored. Worst of all: become boring. Haven’t thought about money … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Old Money…With Issues

A very predictable thing happens at the end of each year: we have the time and the inclination to contemplate. Often we look back on the last 11 3/4 months. We wince with regret or sigh with satisfaction at our choices or our experiences. Sometimes our minds wander farther afield. We pour through thicker volumes … More Old Money…With Issues

Too Many Choices

We are conditioned to believe that the more choices we have in life, the better chance we have of finding what we want, acquiring it, and consequently being happy or even happier. Surprisingly, psychologists tell us that the opposite is true. Having a multitude of choices often leads people to confusion, frustration, and bad decisions. … More Too Many Choices