…Say you want a revolution…

I hope everyone’s holidays have been safe and joyful. Paris has been quiet, with our 8pm to 6 am curfew still firmly in place. (Apparently, we just dodged being thrown into a third lockdown as infection rates have plateaued at about 12,000 to 15,000 cases per day. Still too high, but not rising…yet.) I continue … More …Say you want a revolution…

The French Chateau: Myth and Reality

One of the fascinating aspects of life here in France is the mystique of life on a French chateau. The phrase conjures up visions of verdant landscapes, towering stone turrets, the portraits of ancestors lining wood-paneled corridors, sipping a glass of champagne near a huge, roaring fireplace. A life of privacy, privilege, and ease. That’s … More The French Chateau: Myth and Reality

Education in the Age of Covid-19: The Good News

As great as the challenges seem right now for teachers, students, parents, and administrators, there are bright spots on the education landscape. Our ever-resourceful Foreign Correspondent David unearthed some inspiring developments from the UK where individuals and institutions are tackling issues both immediate and longstanding. First, the Mentor Jr project, which was started during the … More Education in the Age of Covid-19: The Good News

Old Money, New Woman…Now in Spanish!

I’m very proud to announce the release of Rica de Cuna, Mujer Nueva, the Spanish language edition of Old Money, New Woman. It’s available now on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats, as well as the luxurious hardcover edition. I have to express my eternal gratitude to our translator, Diana Casòliba Bonache, who did a … More Old Money, New Woman…Now in Spanish!

The Mid-Pandemic Survival Guide – Old Money Style

On this blog, we discuss the complexities and nuances of Old Money Values…the important concepts, priorities, and habits that inform the Old Money way of life. These include Health, Education, and Financial Independence, just to name a few. I detail these Core Values in The Old Money Book. They make up about half the book, … More The Mid-Pandemic Survival Guide – Old Money Style

Old Money: In Their Own Words

“We have given our best attempts to democratic practices here over the years, with monarchs at the start and tyrants in between. As a family, we have had our ‘run of the town’ and been run out of town. People don’t remember the good you did for them when they’re part of a mob. You … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

The New 9.9 Percent Aristocracy

A recent PBS Newshour segment is something I think provides tremendous insight and value, especially given current events. You can view it HERE. When you watch it, you’re going to notice a few topics that we’ve discussed here on the blog over the months and years. First is the prioritizing of Education, an Old Money … More The New 9.9 Percent Aristocracy

The Steering Committee

I recently attended a wedding reception here in Paris. A friend had tied the knot with his new love at the 4th arrondissement’s mayor’s office in a simple, charming civil ceremony. The reception was held at a local art gallery, owned by another friend. It was a joyful, fun afternoon filled with laughter, tears, joy, … More The Steering Committee