Clothing and Character

We frequently discuss clothing here–timeless style, function over fashion, style icons, back to school basics–but more often than not, we’re circling the issue of how your clothes reflect your values. What I don’t know is if we’ve ever explored this angle: do clothing choices come from certain (Old Money) values, priorities, and habits? Or can … More Clothing and Character

Old Money: In Their Own Words

OMG and contributor “Mary Louise Case” (not her real name, for those of you who’ve inquired) has more on her mind. Enjoy! The luck of the draw An aspect of Old Money that people often cite with wonder is the ever-present luck which Old Money enjoys. From the outside looking in, it appears there is … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Old Money and Notoriety

I wrote for six years, with no positive response from the publishing community. Then, a friend introduced me to an editor, who knew a lawyer, who knew an agent…the same old story that happens in a myriad of ways. Today, I’m a household name (depending upon which house you’re in) and occasionally strangers call me … More Old Money and Notoriety

A Word About George H.W. Bush

For personal reasons, I was unable to post in a more timely manner on the passing of one of our most respected Old Money political leaders. We’ve profiled the late president George Herbert Walker Bush on this blog before. As many have commented in the media, his passing (combined with the passing of John McCain) … More A Word About George H.W. Bush

The Lost Money Look…10 Years On

The following article appeared on the Ivy Style blog in 2008, during the pitch black months of the financial crisis. The blog’s founder, Christian Chensvold, promotes the ‘Ivy Style’ wardrobe and to a lesser extent its corresponding values. His article here is interesting: he makes the astute observation that the American economy is largely kept … More The Lost Money Look…10 Years On

Most Likely To Make History

Republican Robert S. Mueller III (top) and Democrat John Forbes Kerry, (bottom). St. Paul’s classmates and alumni. Like Mueller, Kerry opted for a life committed to public service rather than private gain, despite a wealth of family connections and a top shelf education. Like Kerry, Mueller served with distinction in combat during the Viet Nam … More Most Likely To Make History