A Source of Inspiration: Oscar Wilde

Where stories for screenplays, ideas for books, or lyrics for songs come from is a mystery. Like asking a butterfly to land on your shoulder, creativity is not something that can be ordered like room service. What the world calls genius–the original, unfiltered, simple yet awesome light that shines so undeniably in rare works–comes when … More A Source of Inspiration: Oscar Wilde

The Price of Tech

We’ve spoken many times on this blog about backing off social media, limiting your daily screen time, generally retreating from the internet, and conversely connecting more often and more fully with people and the world on a face-to-face, realtime basis. I think we all agree that these practices can lead to a richer life as … More The Price of Tech

Home Schooling: A Letter from the Front Lines

In a recent post, I discussed the impact of the pandemic on various aspects of life. One of them was education. I made a comment about home schooling and suggested that I’m not its biggest fan. (I think most children benefit from interacting with other kids and being away from their parents for part of … More Home Schooling: A Letter from the Front Lines

The New 9.9 Percent Aristocracy

A recent PBS Newshour segment is something I think provides tremendous insight and value, especially given current events. You can view it HERE. When you watch it, you’re going to notice a few topics that we’ve discussed here on the blog over the months and years. First is the prioritizing of Education, an Old Money … More The New 9.9 Percent Aristocracy

Literacy Begins at Home

I ran across this recent article in the Guardian. You can find it HERE. The piece discusses research correlating the number of books in a child’s home with some overall positive indicators. (I won’t try to summarize the research findings.) Suffice to say, one conclusion reached was that the number of books the child actually … More Literacy Begins at Home

The Age of Opinion

Historians have noted that we have passed through the Middle Ages, the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and the Age of Technology. I would like to propose that we have now entered The Age of Opinion, and I’m not sure I’m completely delighted about it. We have all of the information amassed in recorded human … More The Age of Opinion

Top Ten Old Money Pet Peeves

It’s been quite a year. And it’s the holiday time. What a better moment to articulate the things that have really irritated, aggravated, and annoyed Old Money Guys and Gals (OMGs) the last twelve months. So pour yourself a strong one, put your feet up, and grumble along with me as we detail The Top … More Top Ten Old Money Pet Peeves

Beneath This Mountain Book Release

I hope you’ll endure a moment of self-promotion. I’ve just published a book of poetry entitled “Beneath This Mountain and 24 Other Short Poems.” It would be great say, “If you like The Old Money Book and its blog, you’ll really love this book of poetry!” But the truth is that the two publications have … More Beneath This Mountain Book Release

Perhaps The Greatest Invention of All Time

It’s not an exaggeration to call the printed book one of the greatest inventions of all time. The innovation that condensed knowledge and information into a infinitely usable, portable, and efficient format, and the subsequent mass distribution of material to the general public, forever changed our world. Literacy, religion, philosophy, and law became accessible to … More Perhaps The Greatest Invention of All Time