Message in a Buckle

The nonverbal communications embedded in French culture are a never-ending source of fascination for me here in Paris. Because I’m not fluent enough in French to catch certain subtle, revealing turns of phrase, I miss that part of the ‘delivery’ that might carry double entendres or hidden gems of humor in conversation. I do, however, … More Message in a Buckle

Notes on the Parisian Life…Thus Far

After having recently applied with the Les Powers That Be once again to live legally in France for another year, I thought I’d provide an update on the Parisian Life. ‘Reseau’ was a word–and an important concept–that was introduced to me in the first week of living in France. It translates to ‘network’, the group … More Notes on the Parisian Life…Thus Far

Green With Envy

Same location in Paris, near the Ralph Lauren boutique and the legendary Lipp’s Brasserie in the 4th arrondissement. Instead of the vintage green Triumph, which I photographed and posted in September, I find this… Immaculately preserved. Illegally parked, as the writing on the pavement will attest:  “livraison”, means ‘delivery’ in French. BGT

Old Money, New Woman – The Exemplar

As some of you know, I’ll be releasing a new book in the coming weeks entitled Old Money, New Woman: How to Use the Secrets of the Upper Class to Make It in the Modern World. This third and probably final volume in the Old Money series (after The Old Money Book and The Old … More Old Money, New Woman – The Exemplar

Mariage Frères – Paris

A recently birthday celebration found us at the Salon de The of Mariage Freres in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The Marais boutique, packed floor-to-high-ceiling with the company’s world famous collection of teas, is located downstairs and is bustling with aficionados and tourists alike most days. Less obvious and a little less well known is … More Mariage Frères – Paris

Paris Doesn’t Need The Sun Today

Paris doesn’t need the sun today as traffic inches beneath a sky, slate grey, and ducks silently convene on the Seine, dark green, and pedestrians jog and stride along the quai. Paris doesn’t need the sun today it’s golden warmth–un peu chiche; No, it’s a moody mood just above a brood that holds the city in it’s … More Paris Doesn’t Need The Sun Today

Johnny Hallyday…And Celebrity

One of our frequent contributors, Shaan, asked me to comment about the current celebrity culture that seems to be pervasive in American society right now. It’s an interesting topic, especially in light of the passing of France’s most well-known singer, Johnny Hallyday, who died yesterday. Watching from a distance here in Paris, America’s obsession with … More Johnny Hallyday…And Celebrity

Random Notes from Paris: One Year On

It’s been almost one year since my wife and I have landed in Paris. After six months of catching up with friends, eating, doing some research, and some writing (in that order) in Verona, we took a quick post-Christmas flight into Paris last year. Between the 25th of December and New Years Day, we frantically … More Random Notes from Paris: One Year On

It’s All About Choices

When I hear people say that they want to do something but they can’t afford it, my antennae go up. Why? Because, often in the next sentence, I hear them mention something else that they’ve spent money on. And that something usually costs as much or more as the thing they say they can’t afford, … More It’s All About Choices