Vendor Update: Online Privacy

A month or two ago, one of our members offered up Delete Me dot com ( as a tool to enhance an individual’s privacy by removing personal data found (and sold) online. Initially, I wasn’t as concerned as I should have been about online privacy. My wife and I have moved abroad. We don’t own … More Vendor Update: Online Privacy

The Continual Fight for Privacy

One of our tribe members recently wrote to me. Her concern was privacy. Her correspondence is below. She has some really good ideas on the subject, I think, and some questions… I’d love to hear everyone’s take on increasing and maintaining privacy in this digital age. (Thank you, V., for the very kind words. I’m … More The Continual Fight for Privacy

A Few Steps Back, Slowly

As a final note on Privacy, I’m going to share the very small, pretty much painless, but still important steps you may consider taking in order to preserve the online privacy you have, and increase it going forward. First, consider your email provider. Unless you’re using a service like Proton mail, your emails are being … More A Few Steps Back, Slowly

That Most Precious Luxury

You’d think there would be much to complain about in Paris, but Parisians, well, I guess they’re entitled to a little discontent: they’ve been born in the most beautiful city on earth and it’s not perfect. When not participating in the same, they complain about the labor protests of the ‘gilets jeunes‘ that have been … More That Most Precious Luxury

Privacy and Social Media: The Facebook Situation

Recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s use of users’ personal information has only confirmed what I had initially thought of Facebook: they wanted too much information from me, and they couldn’t be trusted to keep it private, regardless of what ‘privacy settings’ I opted for. In the first years of the social network’s existence, … More Privacy and Social Media: The Facebook Situation

Old Money Value: Privacy

In the digital age, privacy is a priority. We have legitimate concerns about our privacy online, the security and privacy of our financial records and accounts, and how much Big Brother knows about us. There are precautions we can take on these issues, and most of us try to be diligent. A privacy safeguard that … More Old Money Value: Privacy

Old Money, Private Lives

Recent revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed that we may not have had all the privacy we imagined as we went about our daily lives, online and elsewhere. Exactly what the government should and should not be doing, and what we can do about it, are subject to debate. Discussions about how much … More Old Money, Private Lives