Old Money: In Their Own Words

The thing that we always remember, and are often reminded of, is that we’ve had every advantage: solid family environment, access to healthcare and education, travel, a support system of teachers, friends, and a social network, all contributing to a pretty constructive childhood and adolescence. So to brag about your accomplishments is a little gauche. … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

The Custodian Mindset

I had breakfast the other day with a friend of a friend. His family has managed an inheritance pretty well for the past two generations, and he’d been steered to the Old Money Book blog. While he freely admits he barely graduated from college (he liked to party), he’s now a successful real estate developer, … More The Custodian Mindset

Upper Class Secret: Delayed Gratification

A neighbor and I had an across-the-hedge chat the other day. He’s a little more prominent than I am (which isn’t saying much…but still). He was lamenting the fact that people approach him regularly and want to know what the “Secrets of the Upper Class” are. Most often, he says, they want to know the … More Upper Class Secret: Delayed Gratification