A Note of Congratulations to the Bard College Freshman

I recently received great news: Peri, the daughter and granddaughter of our dear friends Mo and Lark, has recently been accepted to Bard College. She’ll begin classes there this fall, and we are all delighted. Congratulations are in order for Mom, Lark, and certainly for Peri. A lot of collective effort went into the realization of this great opportunity.

Three generations, one big congratulations. Perry, Lark, and Mo, at a recent brunch in southern California.

I’d like to attribute Peri’s success to her devotion to every word and comma that appear in my book Old Money, New Woman: How To Manage Your Money and Your Life, but that would be a stretch. Being accepted into a prestigious institution like Bard is a the result of a lifetime of discipline and no small amount of determination.

Good for you, Peri.

And if any of our readers aren’t familiar with Bard, let me give you a brief overview of the college and its history.

Bard College is a small (2600 students or so) liberal arts college located in the Hudson River Valley of New York state. It was founded in 1860, and its campus has grown, amoeba-like, through the decades. Over time, the school has acquired neighboring country estates, crowned with ‘stately Wayne Manor’-like mansions, while at the same time constructing newly built, postmodern architectural buildings on campus. The two styles would be jarring if it weren’t for the lush, beautiful setting they share.

Of course, the school has a strong list of illustrious alumni and faculty, including numerous celebrities. Who cares? What I noticed was that several well-known songwriters seem to have sprung forth from its ranks, including the founding members of Steely Dan, the writer of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, the Sherman brothers, who wrote, among other iconic movie tunes, “It’s a Small World After All,” and one of the Beastie Boys. Who knew?

Faculty have included the likes of Toni Morrison and Arthur Penn, to name but two notables.

Peri, with Mo and Lark at right. (Photo design by Weatherford Bradley.)

Even more interesting is the Bard Prison Initiative. If you have Netflix or enjoy PBS, you should watch College Behind Bars, a documentary series about the Bard’s efforts to educate incarcerated men and women in New York state. It is excellent. It is inspiring. It is heartbreaking. Above all, it is a vivid, real-time testament to the transformative power of education.

That said, our hearts still circle back to Bard’s newest and soon-to-be most noteworthy undergraduate, Peri. All those late night preparations for the SAT with your mom have paid off. All those hopes and dreams you talked about with your grandmother are now becoming a reality.

Irony alert: the hard work has just begun. Ha.

Congratulations again. Enjoy the accomplishment, but get ready: September will be here before you know it.

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5 thoughts on “A Note of Congratulations to the Bard College Freshman

  1. The only word I can muster is “verklempt”.  And, I’m not even Jewish!  
    Oh dearest Darlene and Byron…. you have once again touched a very special place in my heart. Your tribute is more than I could have ever imagined. Shall we say, “mark your calendars”….. Class of 2024 commencement as the Hudson Valley in late spring will be a wonderful place to reunite. I am forever grateful and honored for your friendship. Lark

  2. Our daughter was a freshman last year and we were and remain excited. Bard is everything you mentioned and much more. In Texas most don’t know about it but then again that’s part of its charm

  3. Hello Byron!

    Peri and I are sitting here together reading this blog again…so sweet and thoughtful of you to give a “shout out” to Peri! She wished her travels to Europe were not canceled, as she was looking forward to seeing Darlene again, and meeting you. Perhaps when she studies abroad in a couple of years.

    Again, thank you for touching our hearts, and we love you both!

    Mo and Peri

    1. Hi Mo, Hi Peri…it was our pleasure to honor your accomplishment. Congratulations again. We’re looking forward to hearing about the first semester adventures! Please be safe there, and we’ll see you soon, one way or another. Hugs from Paris, D&B

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