Old Money in 2014

As you may remember, I noted that we wouldn’t be highlighting many products on this blog. The philosophy of Old Money is not about shopping. It’s more about being and doing than buying and having. But even OMG’s (Old Money Gals & Old Money Guys) need to buy clothes. In 2013, we introduced you to┬áMercer … More Old Money in 2014

Avoiding The Trap

From the moment we start earning a living, and even before, we set certain spending parameters for ourselves. Usually, these parameters are based on our income. If we make this much money, we decide we can pay this much rent and drive this kind of car. We can shop at these stores and dress this … More Avoiding The Trap

Shine A Light This Black Friday with Heifer International

Every year at this time, retail establishments are touting Black Friday sales at the top of their advertising lungs. Consumers may or may not respond with the expected volume of purchasing, but the whole concept should, by now, be a little stale for anyone over the age of ten. There’s the fatigue of trying to … More Shine A Light This Black Friday with Heifer International