Old Money, New Woman – The Exemplar

As some of you know, I’ll be releasing a new book in the coming weeks entitled Old Money, New Woman: How to Use the Secrets of the Upper Class to Make It in the Modern World. This third and probably final volume in the Old Money series (after The Old Money Book and The Old … More Old Money, New Woman – The Exemplar

Perspective: The Old Money Attribute

It’s important to remember this: when we lack something, we can mistakenly assume that, if we only had that one thing in our life, that everything would instantly be fine. If we are drowning, we flail in the water and gasp for air. This is our only focus: to survive, to get oxygen into our … More Perspective: The Old Money Attribute

Old Money, No Code

In recent months, I’ve noticed that ‘traditional American values’ and ‘the preservation of our culture’ are being referred to in political discussions more often than I think is appropriate. I’m sensitive to it because  the focus of this blog revolves around the Core Values of Old Money that I talk about in The Old Money … More Old Money, No Code

Dysgradia Syndrome – Where You Won’t See It

Dysgradia is a syndrome that most often arises in children whose parents are very affluent and in some middle class children who are just plain spoiled. Its definition is, in everyday terms, the disconnect between accomplishing something and enjoying the subsequent reward. It is the opposite of self-sufficiency. Children suffering from dysgradia enjoy the benefits … More Dysgradia Syndrome – Where You Won’t See It

Old Money & Friendships

I was fortunate enough to catch up with some old friends recently. Dinner started late–the restaurant had botched our reservation–but no one in our party really cared. We started at the bar with a round of drinks and a quick, ruthless inventory of respective hairlines that were going north and waistlines that were headed south … More Old Money & Friendships

The Truth About Change

It has been said that the only constant thing is change. And it’s true. After a few decades on the planet, anyone with half a brain can see trends emerge, generally slowly, and bear witness to life-altering events that occur in the blink of an eye. Americans have been blessed: our life-altering events tend to … More The Truth About Change

Post Holiday Shape Up

Inevitably, we end up eating more than we should in November and December of each year, despite the best of intentions. We may also exercise less as we sit around the fire, catch up with friends and family, and run (figuratively speaking) here and yon gathering gifts and attending parties. So when our jeans seem … More Post Holiday Shape Up

Why Our Work Fatigues Us

Many people work at jobs that are not very demanding, physically or mentally, and at the end of the week find themselves exhausted. They really need the weekend–as well as the long weekends and holidays that are sprinkled throughout the calendar year–to recover. Other people have jobs that demand all of their mental and physical … More Why Our Work Fatigues Us