Why I Don’t Multitask…And You Really Don’t, Either

Everyone is so busy. It’s the mantra of the age. We’re so connected, in every sense of the word except the emotional one. We have the world (wide web, anyway) at our fingertips. If there’s information we don’t know, we simply Google our inquiry and millions of search results come forth. The veracity and accuracy of these results can vary widely, but it’s all there.

So are our friends and colleagues and even strangers. We can communicate with anyone, literally, at any time, day or night, instantly, via voice, video chat, email or text. We can shop, watch videos, movies, and television shows, and listen to music. The possibilities are endless.

And that’s the problem. We think we’re doing a lot and accomplishing a lot and we’re not. This is not just my opinion. It’s science. Information overload and the concept of multitasking are serious problems for memory, intelligence, creativity, and health.

Don’t believe me? Read this.


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