Old Money: In Their Own Words – Part 4

An OMG shares his memories of his youth and the values that were handed down from his family.

“It is weird growing up with old wealth. The way I was raised was like this, I received lots of gifts for my birthday and Christmas. I usually got gifts that would help me to become a good adult. Here are some gifts I received:
electric guitar
drum set
weight bench with weights
money in the form of savings bonds

“When it came time to buy a car though I had to earn my own. I received certain “discounts” though that were not available to others from other backgrounds. I received these perks when I stayed at hotels or rented cars. I once owned a car that I only paid $21,000 for, but was probably worth $80,000 or more. They (your extended wealthy family) does not tell you you are driving an $80,000 car because you might get a bit arrogant or not work as hard next time.

“The big challenge for my family was to pass on the work ethic. You have money in the bank, but they only dole it out as they see fit. I did not get handed a bunch of money, it was portioned out according to my needs.”



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  1. Wow, that is so eye opening! That really goes against the perception that the children of the wealthy are always spoiled with a sense of entitlement. Thanks again for blowing away many of the stereotypes we all have. šŸ™‚

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