4 thoughts on “Member of the Tribe – Part 12

    1. Thank you for the questions, J Lynn. Yes, I have avoided jeans, as ubiquitous as they are. Jeans that fit, not too loose and not too tight, with a minimum of rips and logos, are a casual option for everyone today, especially if some physical work is on the agenda. In social settings, I always suggest dressing them up a little with a smart pair of shoes, a nice blouse or shirt, and a blue blazer. Another suggestion is to please not wear them seven days a week. I just don’t think it projects the best image to people. Make them part of a rotation if you wear them, and wear them less than your more elegant options.

      Recently, I’ve received a couple of invitations to parties where the attire was noted as “casual” with the discreet reminder “no denim” (sign of the times, I guess). That’s a good standard for a party, dinner out, or anything after 5. Khakis or slacks with a blazer and button down for men. Add a necktie if it’s more formal. Khaki skirt, button down, and sweater over the shoulder for the ladies. Little black dress if it’s more formal. Easy-peasy rules that work, from oysters on the beach to opera at the Met.

      Happy 2016! – BGT

  1. On the subject of invitations and jeans, i have noticed an increasing number of invitations that say something like “no collarless shirts, no denim” or “jacket required, tie not necessary”. Some people say they resent being told what to wear or that nobody has the right to tell them what to wear, but I see it as useful information that can help prevent an embarrassing mistake. I actually prefer it to things like “casual” or “semi-formal” which can be open to interpretation. As you have said before, its not about you; its about showing respect for the occasion and for the people who invited you.

    As for blue jeans, in my opinion they’re fine for working in the yard and that’s about it. But then I also feel that tee shirts are a bit too slovenly for most activities other than jogging or working out at the gym. The ubiquitous American uniform of jeans, a tee shirt, sneakers and a baseball cap, which some people wear even to nice restaurants, is very unfortunate.

    1. Very true, Amy. Proper attire for social events is all over the proverbial map these days. It follows that we’re reduced to giving specific instructions on what, and what not, to wear. Cocktails in the backyard…dinner jackets and evening gowns for everyone! – BGT

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