3 thoughts on “Old Money Style: The Men’s Lace Up Shoe

  1. Hi Byron,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, I have greatly appreciated them. And please excuse my grammar if I make some mistakes, english is not my primary language.
    I was wondering if you could help me with a doubt I have regarding the old money philosophy towards clothing. You wrote that modesty and discretion are fundamental values to OMGs. However, I cannot see how the shoes pictured above can qualify as modest and discreet in the world we live in. They should maybe, but the reality of what people actually wear.. I feel like those shoes would stand out for example. And they do express some superiority when you compare them to sneakers.
    I am asking this question because I enjoy dressing well, with a classic dress and classic low heels as you have suggested. But when I go about my day and go to the farmer’s market for example, I feel self-conscious and maybe people do actually stare wondering why am I dressed up on a Monday morning. And I am not actually dressed up with a simple dress and low heels. How do you feel when you are the only one dressed? How would people not think you are pretentious when you are actually dressed in a superior manner comparing to the crowd?
    The people who know me can see that I dress very nicely but do not feel superior. But how about the people who only see you, never talked to you and only have this distant image to judge you by?

    And thank you again for sharing the old money values with us. I look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Thank you, Camila, for your kind words. Your English is excellent. The shoes pictured are high quality, not inexpensive, but very traditional and not flashy. Some people might notice them; others won’t. Perfectly fine for the OMG in a business setting. The question of being more well-dressed than most people is a common one. Today’s sloppy dress, adopted by many, is considered ‘casual’ or ‘comfortable’. It’s often just lazy.

      If you simply dress with a measure of care, as it seems you do, you will be better dressed than most people. Some people will look at you with interest, some with admiration, some with a vague suspicion, and some with resentment. There’s not much you can do about it. Your style of dress, like many things, reflects and communicates your values, priorities, and habits.

      The good news is you’ll probably attract the attention, and admiration, of those who share your values, priorities, and habits. You should also know that you have my encouragement and support, as well as the encouragement and support of everyone who reads this blog.

      You’re setting an example, and doing what’s right for you. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

      – BGT

  2. You are right, it would be foolish to try and please everyone with the way I dress. If someone resents me because I am well-dressed that resentment is likely speaking about their own issues. Ostentation could lead to resentment in a more legitimate way because people can see others wasting money on frivolous things while they cannot pay their basic bills. But well-made, quality clothes should bring joy.
    I think that from now on I will be more confident dressing like me.

    Thank you for your sensible response.

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