A Note of Thanks

I’d just like to take a quick moment and thank everyone who reads, shares, and contributes to the blog. You’ve all added much more insight, color, and depth to the subject of Old Money than I could have ever done on my own.

One thing I’m particularly grateful for is that, as best I can recall, I’ve never had to articulate any set of Rules for Reader Comments.  While we’ve disagreed on some aspects of this culture, the disagreements have remained focused on the issues, and the merits of each side’s arguments, and have never become personal. I don’t like censorship of information. I’m happy that I haven’t been forced into that role by comments that cross a line.

The opinions expressed by readers here have always been appropriate in language and tone. I’ve never had to say that we don’t do snarky, mean, racist, condescending, vulgar, or rude.

It’s a compliment to the Old Money culture that the people who stumble upon this blog, contribute to it, and share it with their friends are aware of the Unwritten Rules that govern so much of what we think, how we act, and what we believe.

Again, thank you.


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18 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks

  1. It’s a true pleasure to read this blog for all of the reasons you just listed and for finding people of like mind. Thank you.

  2. I enjoy reading this blog. I am far from ‘old money’ heritage or lineage. I was raised middle class, and I’m pretty sure that I lean on the side of lower middle class in San Francisco, at least as far as economic status is concerned. However, I like to read through these posts and articles, because they encourage me to live a modest lifestyle and to focus on value and quality rather than conspicuous consumption and materialism. I find it difficult to ignore the never ending ways to spend money in today’s society. Somehow, these articles and posts offer a form of therapy by promoting the values of frugality and simplicity, especially when such values are practiced by people who could easily afford more. They encourage me to live within my means and to continue saving and investing for future benefit. Thank you!

  3. Byron,

    Thank you for your continued work on this site and on keeping these important values alive.

  4. You open eyes to many people, Byron; and to many of us, you reminded that it is the family and its values and well-being, not the nominal value of money.

    I hope there are much more readers around the globe than contributors.

    Thank you, Byron. You are doing a great job!

  5. Byron, thank YOU so much for your blog and for your books. I often think that gratitude is perhaps one of the most important things in life. Because, as Confucius put it, “there is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life – reciprocity.”

  6. I echo these sentiments above. These sets of values that we have also produce a temperment. The material basis for these might varry. Any ideas about “summering” in future posts?

  7. Thank you Byron for your terrific blog. When the world gets me down I am reminded of true values and people to seek after. Truly great work.

  8. I am so grateful that I found your blog, Byron. It truly is a pleasure to read your posts and enjoy the pictures that accompany them. Most of all, it is so refreshing to read thoughtful, articulate, humorous and intelligent comments from your readers. Your blog and the accompanying comments have expanded my world and made me appreciate even more the (not quite) lost arts of civility and excellent discourse. When I am faced with rudeness or incivility during my day, I now stop and think, “How would an Old Money Person handle this situation?” Thank you and I hope you will continue your blog for a good long time.


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