Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

I recently finished reading ‘Ladies Like Us, an informative and enlightening book by Alena Kate Pettitt. I recommend it highly for teenage girls and their parents, as it provides sterling guidance in matters of values, goals, self-esteem, relationships, etiquette and manners, dress, and numerous other important subjects.

Alena’s perspective aligns perfectly with Old Money values and habits. Her writing style is articulate and accessible, and I believe she her book can be beneficial to young women who are overwhelmed with mixed–and often unhealthy–messages from the media.

Unlike The Old Money Book, Alena focuses exclusively on young women and the challenges they face today. She is thorough: the hardcover edition is 326 pages of solid information. She also goes deep: several times in the book, Alena will present a topic and provide a personal, and sometimes painful, example of a past choice she made regarding the issue at hand.

This makes for a revealing and empathetic read. Alena’s candor about her own experiences on the road to becoming a lady will not only inspire young women to be the best they can be, but also help put their own mistakes in perspective.

I’d encourage everyone to order a copy of Ladies Like Us on Amazon, visit The Darling Academy website, and support Alena’s endeavors to educate and elevate young women everywhere.

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

  1. As a Father of 2 girls, I appreciate the perspective given in this book. My wife and I read together and were refreshed that there’s still a lone voice crying in the wilderness for the cause of true, confident femininity. Aside from living the life of an anchorite and eschewing all pop cultures exposure, it’s a real challenge to raise young girls in the well proven, Protestant traditions our our forebearers.

    1. Thank you ever so much WFB. It’s always a pleasure to receive such positive feedback regarding Ladies Like Us. I’d also like to thank Byron for writing such a lovely review and sharing with his readers.

      I agree with you regarding the challenge of raising young women in a traditional sense. It seems there are fewer and fewer of us with these values as time marches on – which is what inspired me to write it. There is such comfort in doing things the right and proper “what is done” way. My wish is for more young women (and the men who wish to date them – eventually) discover the OM way of life. It provides such stability in a rocky world.

      May I ask if you have passed on Ladies Like Us for your daughters to read? Are they of an appropriate age? Your review of my book on Amazon will also be very much appreciated as it is a great encouragement and may hopefully persuade more parents to pick the book up for their children.

      Best regards from England,
      Alena Kate Pettitt

      1. Not yet as they are still in the Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears and Mercer Meyer stages. But, when the time comes, it will be essential reading.

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