6 thoughts on “Old Money Energy Drink

  1. Lol. That is funny.
    I’m trying to stop coffee as I love it too much and makes me jittery. I’m turning to tea more these days.

  2. hank you for showing a coffee cup with a saucer. In the past before social media people would visit each other and go to each others houses for “coffee”. Everybody had beautiful coffee service sets usually received as a wedding gift which included a saucer to prevent coffee from spilling on the table cloth. Now a days people use mugs with silly little sayings on them. Every morning in the 1960’s I would smell the fresh perked coffee my father would pour into his thermos before driving to the office. Nowadays it’s burnt coffee from a chain in a paper cup. I miss the old money days

  3. Well said, Bob. I liked that you also noticed the saucer, an object that is very foreign to today’s culture.

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