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  1. Bryon, I need some old money guidelines for Christmas and birthday gifts. We have 4 married children and 8 grandchildren. They are all well off and don’t need anything for themselves or the children. Attempts at having family get togethers has become difficult, as they all live in different parts of the country and have conflicting schedules. We contribute to our grandchildren’s college funds each year. Shopping for 32 gifts a year has become too much for me and they don’t need money. Please your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    J Lynn

    1. Hi J Lynn. This is a common challenge with many families. My suggestions: tickets to museums, sports, or cultural events in each family’s city (something they can do together, whether it’s a art exhibition or a basketball game); a collection of the complete works of Shakespeare, Dickens, or Robert Louis Stevenson (RLS for boys, especially) as they’ll be required to refer to these as they progress through school.

      Or you might do what I did for some of my classmates from high school, which is rent a villa in Italy for a week and invite everyone over. It’s great family time, and a very rich cultural experience. Some things to think about. Hope it helps. – BGT

      1. It’s full of wisdom & advice from a favorite uncle! Helps to avoid so many pitfalls in life, specially in today’s world. One can truly focus on what’s really important in life. The sooner one realizes this, the better. It’s one book I’ll come back to again & again! Thank you! 😊

  2. I had the same problem of giving gifts so I created a portfolio of giving. Let’s say you plan on spending 1200.00 dollars for 3 grandkids. Pick out 4 charities after doing research then do an automatic checking account deduction of 25.00 per month for each charity with your grand kids contact info. By doing this monthly they will be active on the donor files and receive monthly newsletters. For example I send money to a hospital in Peru that provides care free of charge to villagers. There was a picture of a little boy who needed a feeding tube and because of donations and great care went back to his village good as new a week later.

    The gift of humanity is something you can never give enough of.

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