The Big Chill

Paris is a pedestrian city, at least for me, and while songs may rave about ‘April in Paris’, most of the year has been downright chilly, save a couple of warm weeks in August. I’m never without a scarf, sweater, jacket, or all three. The climate is similar in London, which I’ve visited regularly the last few months.

My most recent visit to the UK capital found me striding by Cordings, a well-known men’s store that specializes in tweed jackets and suits. After several months of slogging on the same heavy overcoat, I’m appreciating the potential value of a tweed jacket: it’s versatile, it’s stylish, and it handles wind and rain with admirable British aplomb.

With a hair transplant and a time machine–taking me back twenty years–I envision myself looking like the gentleman below: warm, elegant, and on my way, watching for traffic coming on the wrong side of the street…

I’ll keep you posted on any acquisitions, tweed-wise. Until then…Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Chill

  1. Do love the attire. Does anyone know what kind of knot this gentleman used for his tie? Four in hand? Windsor?

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