A Life Without ‘Should’

I don’t recall exactly where or when

but I remember a very wise Old Moneyed friend

who shared words of wisdom that over time have stood:

“Live your life without the word ‘should’. 

If you ‘should’ do something do it now and do it well,

for what’s tomorrow bringing? No one can tell.

And if you’re tempted to judge, it’s best to back away:

That a person ‘should’ do this or that, is not yours to say.

So set a lifetime’s flame with ‘I will’ and ‘We did’ and ‘It’s done’

Let crackling deeds stand against life’s setting sun;

Let it blaze and burn regrets with an everlasting wood:

Feed the fire with the timber, “I should…I should…”

  • Byron Tully


6 thoughts on “A Life Without ‘Should’

  1. This concept is something I thoroughly agree with. I have recently realized that I have only ever learned through experiences, and what I regret is only what I have not done. Although I remember things I have read, or advice I’ve been given, it is only after I take action that the wisdom makes sense to me. Thank you for finding a much more eloquent way to express “Just do it”

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