Take a Laugh in the Mirror

We address some weighty subjects on The Old Money Blog. So every once in a while–oh, let’s say on April Fools Day–it’s good to take a look in the Old Money mirror and have a laugh.

We can, and should, take things seriously. Life matters. But we can’t take ourselves seriously, at least not all of the time.

With that introduction, please enjoy the TEA PARTAY video from the fine folks at Smirnoff vodka, and IVY LEAGUE HUSTLE from stand-up comedian and Princeton alum Nikki Muller.

Note: the Ivy League Hustle video is hysterically funny and very relevant for many of my Ivy friends who are working in Los Angeles and New York to make it in the entertainment industry. It does, however, have strong language throughout. If profanity is offensive to you, don’t watch it. 


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