Triumph, Indeed

Mint condition Triumph convertible.

Make and model unknown.

Parked in front of the Ralph Lauren boutique, 173 Blvd Saint-Germain, Paris.

On this day, rain threatened.

Time to garage the classic coupe until spring.

I almost felt sad for the owner.


Still, the car was a beauty.

A Triumph, indeed.


  • BGT

8 thoughts on “Triumph, Indeed

  1. Quite sure it’s a TR3. Mid 60s?

    Compare to today’s vehicles, which, if their nameplates were removed, would be impossible to distinguish since they all look the same.

  2. I had a red 1966 MGB with wire wheels as a college student in the late 60’s into the early 70’s. It was a better car (with real windows) than the TR3 but the TR3 had the style. Growing up in SoCal was a sports car paradise. Sadly, all the Brit roadsters were garbage cars but man, you looked good driving one (when they weren’t in the shop…).

    1. Ha! That is the truth! When the car wasn’t in for repairs, you did look good. I heard several of my friends express the same sentiments. Thanks, Chris. – BGT

  3. Very nice, whether it belongs to an individual or is part of the boutique’s lifestyle marketing. In general, it’s fascinating how such things can shape brand perception, even when products are produced by subcontractors in developing countries.

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