10 thoughts on “What Life Feels Like Right Now

  1. No flattery intended Byron — just stating the obvious — this is what a dapper, debonair man looks like while ‘dashing’!!! Love the look of the beret!

    I’m currently re-reading one of your books and it’s as fresh and timely as it was the first go-around.

    Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


    1. Thanks, Bev. In Paris for Turkey Day. ‘They got no pilgrims in Paris,’ as an American friend of mine so eloquently noticed, but they are trying out the ‘Black Friday’ advertising campaigns, as if Parisians would know or care what that is. London and Los Angeles in December…and so it goes. – BGT


  2. As a child I enjoyed going up and down in a hotel lift that had similar corner seats. It was an open shaft model with a wooden cabin, glass windows and brass detailing. Good travels!


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