Green With Envy

Same location in Paris, near the Ralph Lauren boutique and the legendary Lipp’s Brasserie in the 4th arrondissement.

Instead of the vintage green Triumph, which I photographed and posted in September, I find this…

Immaculately preserved. Illegally parked, as the writing on the pavement will attest:  “livraison”, means ‘delivery’ in French.

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6 thoughts on “Green With Envy

  1. My father’s one ‘dalliance’ wasn’t with another woman but rather with a Smoky Blue Triumph TR3. Papa absolutely adored it; he actually had a garage built specifically for its storage; God forbid it should have to breathe the same air as the other cars in the family. He and my mother made quite a picture; him behind the wheel with a jaunty driving cap and her – meticulous as always – with a chiffon scarf to protect her hairdo. Unfortunately the Triumph didn’t ‘corner’ or brake very well, and within months after its purchase left the road at a high speed and ended up in a cornfield. Needless to say it was quickly banished to its garage and my father was only allowed ‘to visit it’ occasionally. And thereafter (for months – or so it seemed) my mother (to show her displeasure – since she never raised her voice about ANYTHING) made sure that the family was served tuna casserole or scallops or some other kind of fish for meals. MY FATHER DESPISED FISH OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. And the rest of us were pretty – unsupportive of the food too! My mother made her point! BUT THE TRIUMPH WAS MAGNIFICIENT! Even I (as a girl) recognized I was in the presence of something very special!
    Ah – the good old days and the preponderance of fish at every meal until the storm clouds eventually cleared!

      1. Thank you sir; it WAS and IS a fascinating family indeed!

        And you don’t even know about ‘how and why not to mix Prom Night, The Family Farm, The Pond and the Water Moccasins’! It too was MEMORABLE FOR ALL – to say the least!

        I’m so looking forward to your soon to be released new accomplishment!



  2. Dear Mr. Tully,
    This car does look really cool! I don’t know anything about cars (except that one should never borrow money to own a vehicle of any kind and that they should be safe). I was raised to look for a car that would cost the least to own – usually 1-2 years old, good safety reviews, low maintenance, and definitely not flashy. I do have an uncle whose passion is to find and restore classic cars, especially vintage Land Rovers. I wonder, what is the OMG advice on cars, boats, things that move?
    Best wishes,

    1. The shorthand OMG advice on vehicles–planes, boats, and cars–is to know what it costs to own, not just to buy. Maintenance, taxes, fuel, insurance…it adds up and keeps adding up, long after the purchase price is paid. Another point would be to rent a luxury first, get a taste of it, then consider buying it. – BGT

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