An Old Money Gal Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a city far, far away, 

there lived an Old Money Gal in a house by the bay.

She lived quite alone—except for her books and a cat— 

but she was working and well and quite alright with just that. 


A dashing young man saw her at the market one day 

and introduced himself in a very chivalrous way; 

Not a knight in shining armor, and certainly not a prince,

he nevertheless showed respect as he gave affectionate hints. 


When he asked her to dinner, she answered simply with yes,

but how the evening would go, neither could guess;

At the appointed hour, he arrived dressed quite well—

it was a good omen as far as the Old Money Gal could tell.


As they walked to his carriage, he skipped around to his door,

threw it wide open and flopped in, his feet on its floor.

The Old Money Gal paused on the sidewalk, just one step away

and waited for something—exactly what, who could say?


The young man looked through the window as he sat in his seat, 

smiling a smile that she returned as she stood on the street; 

A long moment passed in his confusion as he thought,

Had he done something wrong? Or not done something he ought?

As his mind went in circles of searching and then came to a stall,

The Old Money Gal still waited for something, not moving at all. 


She did not huff, nor puff—she did not sigh, nor cry. 

She simply stood resolved, unmoving and alone—

as if some mysterious spell had turned her to stone. 

In the next instant it clicked in the young man’s feeble head

and in a panic he flew out and around with a dread.

He threw open her carriage door, nearly breaking the handle off,

‘Please forgive me’, he said with an apologetic cough. 

Thank you, very much, said the Old Money Gal as she entered.

You’re very welcome, he replied, his pride quite splintered. 


Then into the night, off to dinner they went

and who knows what transpired after such an incident? 

Who knows if the evening ended abruptly or neatly, 

but one thing is certain: they understood each other completely.

  • BGT

15 thoughts on “An Old Money Gal Fairy Tale

  1. Your poetry is OUTSTANDING sir! Just delightful! I was already enjoying a wonderful day but you just put ‘the icing on it’! Thank you!

    An OMG doesn’t have to do or be anything other than a lady at all times, does she — just quietly, unforgettably, irresistibly and uniquely herself!

    p.s. the weather is brisk but lovely here in the mountains of Colorado! I hope you and yours enjoy the same as you travel safely over the holidays!

    Best regards,

  2. Very well put! I too have been known to stand and wait; although I did not have to wait for very long………… He figured it out quickly.
    We have been married 32 years. Jane

  3. Apropos of nothing, I must confess that I am rather surprised and dismayed that you did not mention George H.W. Bush’s death. Regardless of one’s opinions on his policies (and I personally did not agree with all of them), I had and have the utmost respect for the manner in which he lived his life. His military record speaks for itself, his devotion to our country is unquestioned and his conduct as a husband and father were exemplary. He conducted himself as a President should – with intelligence, calmness, modesty and humor. That last characteristic is one that I admired most – I vividly remember watching him on a Saturday Night Live retrospective that still makes me laugh today. His kind – the old WASP East Coast Elite – seems to be fading fast, if not completely gone. The Captains and the Kings depart, indeed. However, President Bush’s demeanor and character are fondly remembered, greatly missed, and sorely needed today. Thank you, Mr. Bush, for a class act. RIP, sir.

  4. Priceless! I had to school my now wife (a full professor and university administrator) in allowing me at least to open doors for her. While we still have a way to go after almost 20 years of acquaintance and 13 years of marriage, she does now wait for me to open doors when we are out together.

    As for the Late President Bush, yes, goodness knows our own era could do with a healthy dose of the same intelligence, calmness, modesty and humor that he displayed.

    Best Regards,


  5. Question: What happens when an OMG (Old Money Gal) meets her dream NMG (New Money Guy)? Answer: she educates him on old money ways as well as how to preserve and grow the wealth.

  6. This almost seems to be, something out of the 80’s just for me.

    I do remember standing there as well. Saying nothing, but standing shell. Oh! said my young man as he climbed back out, speeding around the car and opening my door out. Smiling, I thanked him as I stepped in to sit. He shut my door and with the window cracked opened a pinch heard him say, “Got to remember that one.” as he sighed and turned away.

    OK, I am no poet, but this was a true story.

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