Old Money, New Woman, Rare Request

I rarely ask anyone to do me a favor. I try to be as self-sufficient as possible and make my own way in the world.

However, I am asking for your assistance today. But first, a note of thanks. Sales for Old Money, New Woman have been excellent, and that’s because of you. I’ve received a number of comments here on the blog and via my personal email account about how enjoyable and beneficial the book has been. They warm my heart. Thank you.

Now, my two requests…the first is to ask if you would, when you have a moment, write a review on the Old Money New Woman Amazon product page. The length of the review is unimportant. The number of reviews does help when new readers come upon the listing and want to know what other readers think about the book.

The second favor requires a little more consideration. If you frequent an independent bookstore or college bookstore and think Old Money, New Woman would be a good title for them to have on their shelves, please let me know.

I’ll be happy to forward a complimentary hardcover copy of the book to the person who makes the buying decisions. (The hardcover is published by IngramSpark. The paperback can come from Amazon or IngramSpark. I mention this because some bookstores will not sell books published by Amazon.) And, as you know, I also have the Old Money New Woman Journal available from IngramSpark.

That’s it. Thank you again for all your support during this (publishing and promotions) process. And trust me on this one thing: writing is much more fun than promoting.

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15 thoughts on “Old Money, New Woman, Rare Request

  1. Good morning Byron, Here is a very good local independent book store I frequent quite often.

    Riverby Books

    Used and rare books bought and sold, everyday. They have two stores, one in Fredericksburg, Virginia and the other in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill.

    805 Caroline Street
    Fredericksburg, Virginia


    Jane Keller

  2. Good afternoon Sir! Just a quick note with a brief recommendation for you (glowing review to AMZN for both book and journal to follow shortly) I strongly recommend you (or yours) contact The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colorado. They have many locations and continually open additional ones due to their literary strength and popularity. They have been around since the 1970’s and maintain a superb reputation. Joyce Meskes is a bookseller legend both in Colorado and beyond! I can’t do them justice here; you must look them up online. I can’t help but feel they will be receptive and more than happy to hear about and offer your books.

    Terribly rushed at the moment; sorry!

    Best regards,

  3. Good morning! This is my Amazon review for your wonderful book —-

    Old Money, New Woman is an important book, and in my opinion, should be made a mandatory read for all middle and upper level school classrooms and etiquette schools for girls around the world. It should also be on the Recommended Reading List for Book Clubs as well as Libraries everywhere.

    The author has provided a detailed roadmap for girls and women of all ages to achieve immeasurable beauty, integrity, good character, personal strength, true wealth and independence and ultimately to make an incomparable and profound impact for good in the world.

    Mr. Tully has done his homework! At the end of each beautifully written chapter, he offers a synopsis of a pertinent ‘Exemplar’ and urges the reader to do further research regarding the woman’s contribution to her field of expertise and/or the world in general.

    It’s not an easy read; however, it’s certainly an informative, encouraging, empowering and inspirational read!

    This man genuinely believes in girls and women and is offering them the roadmap for success for every woman’s future wellbeing as well as that of the world she embraces.

    His vision for each and all of us is unlimited and awe-inspiring!

    AN OUTSTANDING BOOK for all girls and women everywhere and the men who love us!

  4. As promised, I just sent my review of the (new chic companion piece) Old Money/New Woman Journal to Amazon.

    But in fairness to you, I think I should confess that I’ve never maintained a journal and for a most embarrassing reason.

    For years and years my handwriting has been admittedly (and almost laughingly so) atrocious. In fact, I used to travel extensively and while doing so, faithfully sent postcards and notes from my trips to my parents. Naturally, they were happy to receive them because the mail’s very existence confirmed to them that I was still alive somewhere out there in the world.

    It was a long standing joke in the family and especially between my father and me that as he painstakingly poured over each welcome missive looking for even one recognizable word as he tried to interpret my message, he would always come to the same conclusion i.e. that I had undoubtedly been kidnapped and was being held captive at some undisclosed location until a ransom was paid. He surely would have paid the money except for the fact that he was never able to decipher from my handwriting what the captor’s address was or at what location I was being held.

    p.s. and occasionally at these times – and once I was safely home, – if Papa was really frustrated with me — in his library and behind closed doors – after talking about my trip – he would add “Janet – if you wanted to be a doctor (a reference to their supposed poor penmanship) you should have told us earlier” – OR – the even more dreaded and dire pronouncement – regardless of my age at time of the ‘dressing down’ — YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU BUT AS OF NOW – YOU’RE GROUNDED FOREVER!!!

    And now – with promises kept to you and to Amazon for reviews ” I’m gonna shut her down”.

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you, Jan! Don’t feel like the poor penmanship is only a problem for you. I find myself chasing letters off the page if I really have to sit down and handwrite something. It’s awful! Thankfully, your review was typed. Ha. Much appreciated. And thanks for sharing. – BGT

  5. And in his defense, you should also know, that after my father had chastised me for my handwriting and made whatever admonition he felt I deserved at the time, he would inevitably say something to the effect ” alright – that’s over and done with; now go bring my grandchildren to me and then find out what’s for dinner ‘Pray God it’s not fish’!

  6. And if my comments make no sense to you, see my prior post re: Green With Envy.
    Many Good Wishes for your powerful new book’s continuing strong demand, popularity and success! Jan

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