Old Money, New Woman: Now on Audible

I’m pleased to announce the audiobook release of Old Money, New Woman: How To Manage Your Money and Your Life.

The production of the audiobook took time: this was the biggest Old Money title thus far and the most linguistically demanding. Medical and scientific terms, as well as a few French phrases, took their toll on our voiceover artist Beth Kesler, but she did a great job, and we’re delighted with the results.

I must add this point, too: while my name is on the book and I did write it, the contributions to Old Money, New Woman from the women in my life were enormous. From the friend who initially suggested (almost insisted) that an Old Money volume be dedicated exclusively to women and address their challenges and concerns, to the numerous emails from friends, colleagues, and damn near strangers who offered their insights, lessons, successes, and failures as fuel to this ink-and-paper fire, I remain eternally grateful.

If the book offers solid advice, that may partly be due to my experience and perspective. But if the book resonates on a very deep emotional level with readers–and I’m hearing that it does–that is certainly because of the women who shared their wisdom and allowed me to frame it in an honest and accessible way.

So, as your friends and family members approach graduation from high school or college this month, keep Old Money, New Woman in mind.

I was given a great gift. Feel free to pass it on.

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  1. Hey Byron, its William (paris) . I’m excited to see the book is out now. Congratulations! You will inform and inspire so many people with this. Hope to see you soon.

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