A Note About Blog Comments

First, I need to apologize for not being as responsive as I’d like to be with recent blog comments.

The workload has been heavy recently. While I do read all comments when they arrive in my inbox, I have not been able to reply to each one as is my practice.

Comments made by longtime contributors are automatically approved by WordPress. Comments made by newer members of our community or very long posts may need to be approved manually by me, which may take time.

I’ve probably declined to post about 6 comments in the 5 years that the Old Money blog has been online. Each time that I’ve censored a comment, I have responded personally to the sender and explained why I felt the comment was not appropriate for the blog.

So everyone has a voice here, and a responsibility. If you disagree with something I’ve written, feel free to express your views diplomatically. I’m not always right, but I endeavor to be fair.

I look forward to everyone’s continued participation and my return to form in the coming weeks.

Thanks again.

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