Old Money: In Their Own Words

“I don’t have time for depression. I don’t have time for doubts. I do all the research I can. I get all in the information I can. I think about whatever it is long and hard. And then I make a decision.

“Sometimes I get awful results, but more often than not, things turn out great because I’m committed.

“Either way, I keep going. I can always make another decision. I can always take another action. It may not be the smoothest way to go, but so much in life is not pretty. You just have to get it done.”

  • A.M.S. from Chicago

8 thoughts on “Old Money: In Their Own Words

  1. There is a lot of wisdom in this. It also sums up the perspective and mindset of Chicagoans. Practical, determined, able to appreciate chaos and beauty at the same time, understanding the seasons of life mirror the seasons of the year.I love the optimism.

  2. I don’t necessarily think that finances always enter into it. It’s more the simple (?) ability and willingness to evaluate a situation or options, make a decision based on that, move forward, and then evaluate the outcome, rethinking one’s approach if things don’t pan out the first time. Far too many people seem to be reduced to the point of stasis these days when it comes to making a decision of any type or size. I certainly see it among the undergraduate population in the U.S., but I have a funny feeling that the the pathology I observe isn’t just limited to the under 25 set. It’s very strange.

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  3. Like this rant. My old Yankee heritage dictates moving forward, doing the next right thing. Also, propels me to keep grateful, live simply and with humility. And, always have one “weather eye” open.

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