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Hello, everyone.

I’m very excited to announce that my latest book “How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman!” is now on sale at Amazon.

Here’s the link to the ebook.

Here’s the link to the paperback

There is one caveat, however: the title is a little deceptive. Yes, this book will help readers become more financially independent and even rich, but a more accurate title might have been “How To Live Your Life”. Because that’s really what I’m detailing here, with a focus on entrepreneurship, professional endeavors, asset acquisition, and lifestyle.

Let me admit upfront that I am not immune to the realities of book publishing, human nature, and commerce. This title is targeted. The content cuts right to the bone, addressing a desire that millions of people have. The book presents a clear, level-headed perspective combined with actionable information and solid strategies for accumulating wealth. I’m being very direct, very bold, and very no-nonsense in my approach in “How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman!”

Predictably, I also slip in a slice or two of philosophy in this ‘achieving affluence’ sandwich. I do encourage readers to act with integrity, develop a healthy understanding about the role of money in their lives, and use their talents for good, not evil.

For a little more insight, here’s the text from the back cover…

In this informative and enlightening book, author Byron Tully reveals step-by-step strategies and time-tested techniques that you can use to become rich. 

In How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman!, you’ll learn…

  • How to identify your most fulfilling, productive, and profitable ‘Path’, using eye-opening exercises that help you discover ‘Who You Are’ and which ‘Occupational Label’ suits you best. 
  • How to recognize ‘Things of Value’ that you can leverage in order to jumpstart your business and transform your life. 
  • How to adopt the ‘Default Mental Setting’ embraced by the world’s wealthiest people in order to seize opportunities and realize your dreams. 

The author also presents three detailed Plans—The 30 Year Plan, The 20 Year Plan, and The 10 Year Plan—for you to consider, personalize, and follow. With each plan, you’ll learn exactly what will be required—the credentials, effort, investment, and risk—in order for you to become rich.

In addition to benchmarks you can use to measure your progress, you’ll also learn the secrets of ‘Lifestyle Optimization’: how to truly live well once you’ve achieved success. 

So if you’ve been searching for an exciting, actionable approach creating wealth and improving your life, this is the book for you. 

I think you’re really going to enjoy and benefit from my latest, and probably last, nonfiction book. I also believe you’ll want to share the book with people you know, especially young people who are at the critical stage of making their first big life choice (higher education, technical college, or straight into the workforce).

The book is also perfect for someone struggling to discover their true calling, or wondering exactly what it takes to become rich in the field they’ve chosen. If you’re mid-way through your career and considering a change, this book will offer insight and wisdom. Surprisingly, it will also prove invaluable to someone who’s just experienced a financial windfall from their professional endeavors and needs guidance on how to handle it.

So pick up your copy, curl up in your favorite chair, and dig in.

As always, I greatly appreciate your support of the books and your participation on the blog. Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “New Book – Available Now!

  1. Outstanding job, Byron!
    The new book sounds as though it will be the perfect literary magnet for everyone regardless of her or his current age or stage in life. Like Heidi – I can’t wait to get started!
    Well Done, Sir!!!

  2. Wow! Wonderful news, Byron!! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    “If you’re mid-way through your career and considering a change”… I am. I’ve actually considered asking you about this personally; but I know that I’m so stubborn, once my mind is made up, I’m doing it. 🙂 The worrying factor is that so many people are in precisely the same position right now due to the residual effects of the pandemic: specifically, what we’ve all learned about ourselves and modern society due to it. A lot of us are in a liminal career space, and uncertain economic times are a risky environment for that. Your new book will be timely for many. I’m intrigued and looking forward to reading it.

    Hope everyone is well and safe and enjoying the approach of autumn!

  3. Congratulations Byron! Downloaded and looking forward to reading it. I am interested to here more about your foray into fiction – can you give us a hint about genre at least?

  4. Purchased and already on Chapter 3! I’m excited to read this, although I have age against me (about to turn 50) I am also about to take my test to become a licensed professional counselor, and thankfully in there area I live in, they make pretty good money. I have ideas for several side businesses I want to do once I’m working and have money coming in. As a single mother with no support right now every dime goes to me and my child making it through the month. Excited about my new career and new opportunities, this book came out at the perfect time.

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